What is Hyperspace

Let’s get the picture what dimensions are, then we can try to understand what hyperspace could be…

Little introduction: Following information are the thoughts, ideas and experiences from the writers point of view. There is still a lot to discover. So take everything with a grain of salt and find out for yourself, take what resonates for you and discard that what does not makes sense for you.

You can learn a lot about the topics of dimensions or hyperspace in literature and we must assume to not completely understand those concepts anytime soon. But why not to try to comprehend as much as we can. What we know today is that everything is energy and presents itself in different “forms”. As a rudimentary example: Water or H2O can change its form if more or less energy moves those molecules. The resulting effect is that the water can present itself as ice, liquid water or vapour. It changed its outer form through a higher or lower vibratory rate of the molecules but in itself is still H2O. To perceive the ice, water or vapour you need your bodily senses that your brain decodes and presents as your reality. Your brain acts as the translator from this information flow to your perceived reality and uses a “software” to decode only what you need in 3D World. With that in mind, you realize that your brain limits the perception of your reality and works in a specific range of “frequencies”.

Another example: Radio waves. You don’t see them, feel them, smell them etc. You need a radio with a receiver that decodes the radio band and translates it to sound that you can hear. Without this machine you would not even know the radio waves are there and therefore it would not exist for you. You need this machine that translates this information flow into the range of perception of your brain.

Dimensions are somehow similar to comprehend. Dimensions are areas or “spaces” with different vibratory rate. Our 3D world has a specific vibratory rate and we as humans translate this with our brain as our reality we are in. Higher dimensions, let’s say the 5th dimension, is working on a higher vibratory rate and are therefore with our senses not to perceive thus not our reality, hidden or invisible etc.

There are countless dimensions as we have countless radio wave bands. Dimensions are not separated with a demarcation line, more a merging intergradient flow but has nonetheless a stable quality in its core. Again, like radio bands. You change from one band to the other, after a moment of signal noise you have a stable core in its band and you get a clear signal. You go to the next upper or lower band, the signal noise shows that you are again for a moment in the “space” between before you get a clear signal.

Consequentially to exist in each of the dimensions you would need to have the particular “body” that is capable to translate the reality of this dimension. As higher you go in dimensions, the higher the vibratory rate, the less dense the “body” you would have. We must assume that this implies different set of rules in physics, perceived time and space and abilities that are not possible in dense low vibratory environment like on earth.

With this condensed information, it is easily understandable why we as humans tend to believe that there is nothing else beyond our senses, therefore it does not exist. So, how can we learn to access the information that lies beyond our brain’s capacity to decode. We must find the tuner within ourselves like the tuner on the radio. Learn to tune in to different channels (dimensions).

Now, hyperspace is not actually space as you would think of it. Hyperspace seems to be the medium or area (we have no understandable concept of it now) where instant communication is taking place. Where the flow of information is permeating all dimensions, where time and space is not a limiting factor and where all information and knowledge is stored, available and retrievable. Instantaneous means faster as light or maybe better said, it has nothing to do with speed, it just is. In 3D reality we perceive light as the fastest speed possible but in the vast universe it is still creeping slow. It seems that hyperspace offers a different set of laws so we can go beyond the restrictions of 3D.

Let us assume that hyperspace is infinite information, knowledge and the way to travel to everywhere and to every time. So far we have the use of hypnosis and mediation to access hyperspace on a personal level. There had been attempts on a larger scale to access other dimensions or even hyperspace with the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project and probably others. Many projects and experiments had been done without the public even having a clue what had been achieved as those black projects are completely hidden and compartmentalized.


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