Past Life Regression

Discover your past life memories to heal and comprehend more about YOU being here at this moment in time and space…

You need to know that you are not your body, as much that you are not your car when you drive it! Your car needs a driver, so needs your body. So what drives your body? Let’s call it your soul. Your soul, infused by your individual consciousness is aware of itself, it has the notion of being separated from the ALL that is and uses this individuality to have experiences in different forms, beings and expressions. At this moment you are experiencing being an individual human life form, you call it your current life. Your current life is influenced through everything you have experienced so far and forms your personality. In this life time you will experience many moments of different character that have all it’s unique emotional response. You will work through many of this emotional responses and balance them out. These are experiences that you made and you put them into place to learn from them. Balanced experiences have no disturbed energetic residues anymore, they are incorporated as experience without judgment and are only knowledge.

Experiences that you have not worked through will have an effect on your daily life, some are clearly visible some are hidden and you would not even think about them to be a disturbance. These memories not only can be from your current lifetime, they often are memories from past lives that are brought with you to learn from them this time. It is now up to you to get through experiences to work on these memories that are connected to this lifetime, but it seems this is not always easy to do! There are many mechanism that prevents you from going forward and face the task this time. If you procrastinate or just hide the fact of working through those unbalanced memories you will come back here again and again until you will get it. The question is, how many times do you want to repeat the same class?

With hypnosis and other techniques, it is fairly easy to get access to those memories and work them through. All you need is the openness, courage and trust in yourself to start working on your issues. We are able to guide you through and find answers to the many questions you have regarding your personal life, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

There are other reasons that could make your life a struggle. Read about attachments that have different origins and affect you in difficult ways.

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