Understanding Hypnosis

We will give you here a basic understanding of how Hypnosis works and what it implies.

The goal in being hypnotised is to be deprived of our 5 physical senses, having our analytical ego parked and quiet and working in the brain’s theta frequency. Body asleep and mind alert. Our brain and other systems are filtering constantly external and internal information inputs and only a small amount of that information comes into our conscious mind. That small amount of information we are getting aware of is normally what we perceive as our reality. How the filter mechanism are setup and honed depends on many factors as belief systems, social morals and values, experiences etc. All that plays a mayor role in what you perceive as your reality.

Under hypnosis we are able to tab into information flows that are normally filtered out. As soon the client is in trance, the practitioner has many tools to work with the client’s subconscious. Every possible problem, issue or question can be addressed. Every single experience and memory can be brought forward and worked on. Depending the level on trust, confidence and the willingness to dig deep into the memories, the client gets the appropriate information to work on the problems and issues that concerns him or her. And it’s here where it gets magic! Once the client is in trance, the practitioner has the ability to not only work with the subconscious mind, we actually can communicate with the Higher Self and retrieve information that goes beyond the current life of the client. And if the client is able to go into a deep somnambulistic trance, the depth and the details of the information is extraordinary. If the energy patterns of the client allows it, we can make contact with beings that are of higher vibratory rate and having conversations with them. We can as well time travel and have access to information of our past and even converse with spirits from the past. Not seldom, a glance into a possible future is given to see our personal path or the path the whole humanity is on.


The stages of a hypnosis session:

After the interview, the client will be made comfortable in the preferred body position, usually lying on a couch or bed or sitting in a chair. The body must be in a safe and comfortable position. The practitioner uses different techniques to induce the trance, called induction. The client gets more and more relaxed and drifts into alpha and then theta brainwave mode, deeper and deeper trance. At the appropriate time the practitioner starts to guide the client to the designated topics, issues, problems or questions that are of concern. The actual session is a conversation between the practitioner and the client, while the practitioners skills of guiding and asking the right questions is a very important part of the whole session. Depending on the techniques used in a particular session, either the practitioner guides the client to the topics or the client will be led by the higher self to the appropriate situation or memory. Now, the client and practitioner work together to achieve the desired outcome. When it is time to bring the client back to the awake state, the practitioner usually uses numbers to count the client out. Afterwards, when the client is fully back and restored a debriefing occurs to talk about the experience and to give further instructions.

The session is either audio or video recorded.


The different level of Hypnosis, described here

Understanding more about brain waves, an excellent link here

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