Working with Attachments

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The topic of attachments that influence a human being is not new, it’s as old as humans were writing and telling about it. Religion, Science and modern medical healthcare are either dismissing, ignoring or even ridiculing it. But people affected tell another story!

If you are reading about it here means that you are either ready to learn about it or ready to work with your own attachments. Something inside you, a voice, thoughts, synchronicities, a knowing, an urge or curiosity may brought you here, because you are ready to expand your awareness and face the fact that the reality you experience is not at all what you thought it is! For those of you that put that idea as fantasy, hallucinations, mental disorder or else, please stop reading here, don’t waste your time.

There are many reasons for an entity to attach, for the most part these are earthbound deceased human beings that didn’t go to the light after they exited their body. They either attach because they have known the host or they were attracted by the host’s vulnerability or weakness. Emotional and physical traumas result often in the weakening of the host’s defence mechanism, the resulting vulnerability invites entities to attach either into or close to their energy field. The seven main chakras relate all to their respective emotions and with that, the possible resulting weakness where an attachment can occur. There are many more chakras that interact with the aura of a human being where attachments can lock in and influence the host.

The exerted influence on a person is felt differently but most people have no idea that this is happening with them. Physical pain, emotions, personality change, mode change, different behaviours, voices in the head, gender confusion, eating and drinking changes, drug and alcohol abuse, weight loss or gain, violent outburst, thoughts that seem not to be your own and other influences, control or complete takeover are described and observed.

Persons around the afflicted victim of an attachment will sometimes observe a sudden change in the above mentioned influences. Often subtle, sometimes remarkable changes are happening with possible disastrous effects. Many people will end up with medicaments that treat a psychotic or mental disorder like MPD or schizophrenia or else. But often these treatments are insufficient or doesn’t help at all because the doctors don’t ¬†think outside their box and paradigm that it could be something completely different. Spirit influence is just not in their books.

As already mentioned, most often it is a deceased human being that didn’t go to the Light and stays close to its body or place, close to loved ones or the ones they hate or feel any emotional residue like anger, rage, disgust, guilt, sadness or else. But there are other entities that have another agenda. We can call them the dark ones. There are many descriptions and names for them but it’s preferred not to use those labels as they refer to religion, ancient texts, philosophies, conspiracies etc. Descriptions and names that have been used and are still in use most often trigger fear. And that is exactly what should be avoided!

It is on the therapist to detect the different layers of influence and then to work with them to release and send them to where they belong. If the influence is an external source, it has to be released and the client to be healed. If it is a self generated influence like thought patterns or fragmentation of the soul-mind complex, it has to be worked on and if necessary to be integrated. In most circumstances of attachment, there are multiple layers of influences that mix together and present very twisted cases.

Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. William J. Baldwin and others, including us, suggest that more than 70% of the population experience at least once in their lifetime an influence or attachment. Most people would not recognize an influence on their own and just think it is their behaviour or it belongs to them. Only if the effects start to become intense and overwhelming will people seek help.

Once the client finds the way to a hypnosis therapist with the skills to work with past or current life regression, sprit releasement , forgiveness therapy, role change and other modalities, the treatment in one or multiple sessions can begin.

Often in a session for a past life regression, attachments are discovered and treated. Most past life hypnosis therapist are still not aware of this spirit influence or simply dismiss this possibility or claim everything is just Love and Light. Obviously history and our clients tell another story. At the end it does not really matter what the influence is, if real or illusionary. It’s real for the client and the techniques and treatments are very powerful and help many clients.

If you feel or suspect that somebody you know or yourself are influenced and having some sort of attachment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are trained well and have experience with this kind of work.

To contact us, please send us an email.

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