My name is Andreas and I am pleased to come forward with information for the open minded.

What you will read and listen to on this website requires an open and critical mind and the courage to leave your comfort zone. It is up to you to believe whatever information you are getting here. You will be able to discern and accept what resonates to you. I will not need to prove or disprove any of the given information as everything you will read and listen to has been an experience for us of some sort and has its own reality.

When I talk or write about “me” or “I”, then I am talking as the “me”, Andreas. When I talk or write about “us” or “we”, then I am talking about “me”, Andreas and my Twin Flame Heidi. We are true Twin Flames in every sense and description and we had to learn and accept this through beautiful and as well difficult moments. I will not go into the subject of what Twin Flames are, as you can research that for yourself. One thing is for sure, it is hard work and it will shake your foundation to the core, nothing will be the same again and there is no way back. Once you are on this journey, you are on it! Period! Why we know that we are Twin Flames? There are many reasons that I could explain here, but only Twin Flames can really understand what I would be talking about, you need to experience it yourself! It is the most beautiful, magic, exhilarating, challenging endeavour you can be on.

I am a trained and certified Physical therapist, Massage therapist and Manual therapist for more than 23 years. Many years ago I went to discover the work of Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute and participated with tremendous excitement in many classes at the campus in Virginia. I got highly trained in accessing different states of consciousness and energy systems to the point that I wanted to use those skills and the knowledge to apply it not only for me, but for my clients. So, universe introduced me to the work of Dolores Cannon and her QHHT Hypnosis Technique. As of today I am working as a level 2 QHHT practitioner in 3 different countries. Level 3 will be achieved as time allows it. Beside QHHT, I am a Introspective Hypnosis practitioner working with different hypnosis techniques and modalities to address not only quantum healing and past life regression, but to work with attachments, emotional blockages, memories and our brothers and sisters from off world. You would call them ET’s. This term unfortunately does not really explain the full scope of what we could call them, as there is much more than “just” ET’s. But I will explain this in more details on this website.

As with everything I experienced in the last many years, I got to understand and know more about myself and have today a more profound knowing to who I am, to what I am. All this has led me to where I am today and want to share and assist every single person that wants to do that for themselves. I am ready to bring you further as you have ever imagined, but are you ready to take on your journey and leave your comfort zone? If you are reading this and my website, you probably are!




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