Heidi Wilson and I are a team on different levels. We are offering you our skills, knowledge and passion to assist you on your journey. I am travelling often between Switzerland, Canada and the USA. As we both have similar skills, we have our specialities. Sometimes a client needs more of my specialities, sometimes Heidi’s skills are of need. If you want to find out more, follow this link to Heidi’s website Universoul Connection.

As of this moment we are offering one to one sessions and telepathic surrogate sessions, but we are working out projects right now that will be very interesting and beneficial for you. So stay tuned.

If you want to book a hypnosis session with Heidi Wilson in Des Moines Iowa, please follow this link and contact Universoul Connection.

To know a little more about us, click here.

If you want to book a hypnosis session with me in Switzerland please go to website Switzerland

If you need to talk with me over Skype, contact me here.

If you want to talk with Heidi over Skype, contact her.

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