Going back to the understanding that everything in reality is somehow energy in one form or the other. Energy expresses itself in unlimited ways. The human body is energy, the soul is energy and everything you can imagine is energy. Universe in itself is consciousness expressing in physical and non-physical realities. Many consciousnesses are aware of itself and perceive themselves as “being” alive. Alive does not necessary mean having a body as you have in this moment with your human body, alive also means to be conscious of yourself, aware of being conscious, aware of observing your consciousness, your thoughts your internal self. Consciousness can express itself in a physical body but as well in non-physical bodies. Interestingly many clients that undergo hypnosis experience themselves as points of consciousness, as light “bodies”, of being minuscule small but at the same time as large as the whole universe.

So, consciousness that is aware of itself and has an intelligence can have different self preserving interests and reasons to stay “alive” or exist and depending the morals as we understand them, have different agendas. We often classify them as being benevolent, malevolent or neutral. Attachments can have a multitude of different reasons to be within or around your energy field. At the end it boils down to the experience the host (client) goes through and if this attachment is producing discomfort, pain, mental disturbances, emotional imbalances all the way to suicidal thoughts and even death.

Through different means those attachments/energies/spirits can be released. We work through hypnosis to get to the subconscious and establish contact to whatever this attachment is. With a loving but firm work-through we release it and close the pathway that had allowed this attachment (energy) to come in.

Beside attachments glued to your energy field, they often can have a connection to things or places. Haunted places are such incidents where spirits are attached to a place. Spirits are usually “lost” earthbound souls that have an emotional reason to stay there. When this occurs, people visiting or living at a such places can be very much bothered by it. A house clearing can clean and release these spirits.

What kind of attachments are described in literature:

  • lost souls
  • ghosts
  • past life memories
  • inner child fragments
  • soul-mind fragments
  • thought forms
  • earth bound spirits or energies
  • psychic attacks
  • curses and vows
  • satanic or dark forces
  • mind control programmes
  • implants
  • Extra Terrestrials – ET’s
  • Inter / Extra Dimensionals
  • lower astral entities
  • elementals
  • and more


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