Please read carefully.

Telepathic Surrogate Hypnosis Therapy (following Surrogate session) is a straightforward but multifaceted spiritual therapeutic approach. This disclaimer will inform you as a potential client what to expect and what the limits are! You will make your own decision if you want this form of therapy to be carried out or not.

Every case is different and must be approached, planned and executed accordingly.

A multitude of factors are involved and have to be considered.

The life circumstances individuals are experiencing can be from easy to severe and challenging.

The origin of the information that will come through has basically no limits. Depending the needs of the client, spirit helps us to access information from different sources. This can range from past lives, present life, higher selfs, minds, divine forces and dark forces. The information presented can help the client to become better on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Influencing attachments that range from earthbound human spirits, the demonic dark forces to non-human entities (ET’s etc.) and self-manifested thought forms can influence a session. You need to be aware of this, but we know how to deal with that!

In addition, we need to be able to differentiate between the spiritual forms of attachments and possible mental disorders. If anything points to a mental disorder we cannot assist you further and suggest to see a professional in medical care.

We cannot guarantee the success of a Surrogate session.

The process of a Surrogate session can take different amounts of time to work through. We will guide the client through the process and suggest the steps to be taken.

Initial therapy can be done in two different ways:

One (1): A session of 1h is booked for assessment and planning only. No therapy involved. The client then decides to proceed or not.

Two (2): A Surrogate session is booked. The client then has the option to have further sessions booked that includes Life Coaching, online Hypnosis session or another Surrogate session.

We will in both scenarios suggest what would be the best way to plan and execute the therapy.

Hyperspace Connection and affiliates are not a licensed Physician, nor a licensed Psychiatrist or Mental Health Practitioner and can not diagnose nor treat any type of physical or mental disorders. Please contact a physician before a session if you feel you need to be under medical care. We can refuse the right of a service if we feel it is in the safety of the client and refer to someone who would be more of assistance for the client. The guidance and insight provided through services is intended to help clients toward their own happiness and fulfillment, and that a client is always free to make their own choices at will, regardless of the interpretation of the information. 

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Please use following links to pay for your desired service!

Skype Surrogate session or Assessment Booking:

Skype Assessment and planning 1 hour USD 120.-

Surrogate Hypnosis session USD 700.-

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