There is so much information about this topic in the internet and books, it’s very hard to see through and keep a clear mind. There are as many opinions as there are agendas that are trying to influence your mind about what to believe and what to dismiss. I am not going to prove or disprove any of what you may have learned to believe or to know, I am going to write about my point of view and about my own experiences that form my reality. So, there will be information that resonates with you and some that doesn’t and that is absolutely right this way. It’s about learning and opening doors to more understanding. Only the courageous, open and critical minded is able to see outside his own box. Never believe anything, go out and find out for yourself and gain knowledge or stay in the bliss of ignorance.

And don’t forget, reality is what you believe and know, your reality is not the reality of anyone else, so you do not hold the key for absolute truth.

To the contrary what you have been thought in school and in religions that the universe is a cold place with 99,9999% dead barren planets and its suns etc., it is teaming with life and we are only one of countless planets with intelligent life on it. In fact one of the youngest place with intelligent life.

And we are observed and visited!

So let us go back to square one of our understanding what life actually could mean. Everything is energy, energy expresses itself in everything that exists, including you. Or we can say, universe is consciousness and you are a part of this consciousness. Somehow you perceive yourself as a separate being and you are aware of yourself. Let us call your YOURSELF as soul and soul in essence is consciousness. (the idea of soul goes much further but is for the sake of keeping it short not explained here). Universe works on different energy levels and we can call them dimensions. Dimensions are separated by different vibratory rates, different frequencies. As lower the dimensions, as lower the vibratory rate and as denser the physicality to it. On earth as humans we experience this density as the 3rd dimension with all the physical laws we can measure and observe and the senses we have to experience this physicality. Our interface the brain translates this dimension into the reality we perceive. So, your soul with its consciousness uses a 3rd dimensional vessel, your body to experience this dimension. You call this your life.

If we could accept that universe is consciousness and in itself the life-force within all that exists, we could comfortably accept the notion that everything is alive. If consciousness is the driving factor of life then the whole universe is life. To make everything a little more complicated and more interesting, consciousness became self aware and wanted to experience all the expressions of possibilities. So consciousness reached out and began to co create with the idea to multiply into infinite copies of itself. One of these copies is you and you feel separate from the whole. Each copy has a slightly different quality to it and that makes every copy unique.

Universe is one big experiment and you are a part of it. And you decided to take part of this big experiment we call humanity. In this 3rd dimension where you experience your life, your body, there are countless other beings with bodies all over our universe. They all have places where they live and according to their environment the body that suits as vessel to experience their life. Many of these civilizations either survived their stupidity to not destroy themselves or came to their senses before it became dangerous. Many became space faring and developed technologies and spirituality that allows them to travel interstellar and interdimensional. So it makes sense to assume that there are many other civilizations that are located in the 3rd dimension and many that are inhabiting higher dimensions. Those in higher dimensions, higher vibratory rate environments are normally not to perceive with our bodily senses. They are only to perceive when you are able to tune in to their respective frequency. For us as a human our tool to do that is using our higher mind.

What could we learn so far from all the different sources. I am giving here a rough summary and use different perspectives.

There is information from where the sources more or less talk about the different species that are interacting with the earth humans. There are four main groups that are mostly described. Humanoids, Greys, Reptilians and Insectoids. They are described being physical but as well non-physical with the ability to tune in 3rd density or tune out to their 4th or 5th dimensional density. And there are all the higher dimensional beings that we can either call ET’s or like others use to do, angels, arch angels, gods, guides etc.

Depending the sources that have interaction with them describe it as beneficial or hostile. It’s interesting that the sources of information depicts it either as all is well and they are only here to help us etc. and then others that see them as only negative, hostile and dangerous. Only seldom you have the same source of information that talks about both.

Agendas: If you carefully study this whole topic from different directions and use your critical but open mind, you come to discover that there are many agendas driven to have influence on earth and its population and that has been going on for eons. You will as well get the feeling that we are at a crucial point in history where something really big and important is going on and something is about to happen regarding our space neighbours. And to make everything more complicated, there is a lot of intentional and unintentional misinformation you are bombarded with.

In the last couple decades, may be more than 50 years back, some individuals discovered means to access pathways to communicate with them and get information first hand. But only in perhaps the last 20 years, it became more main stream and people started to research more deeply this tremendously important topic. Robert Monroe from the The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Virginia USA, developed applied technology to help a person to access different states of consciousness. With this discovery, a person accessing the different states of consciousness can develop pathways to gain information and knowledge and as well have contact and conversation with other beings. This process is today very sophisticated and every year many people go there and learn to use those tools. Beside Robert Monroes work, therapists that use hypnosis came through their clients into contact with non-physical beings. One of them was Dolores Cannon who worked with clients with hypnosis and discovered that you can access not only your higher self but as well have conversation with ET’s and others. Beside the contacts, she helped people to access deep hidden memories from past lives and even further back to assist the persons quest to find answers about themselves. She developed QHHT, Quantum healing hypnosis technique. And just in the last years many other researchers and therapists are working in this field and write about it. It’s for you to discover!

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