Our world, the earth is changing rapidly. Earth, Gaia is in her process to go to the next level, many call it the ascension. With that, we the humans must make our choice to go with it or not. What does that mean? Ascension means, changing from our current vibratory level to a higher vibratory level. As we are already in the process of doing that, there are unfortunately still a majority of people that consciously and unconsciously stay in the lower levels. This puts more and more strain on those people, they feel the resistance, the pain, the confusion etc.

As more people are waking up, they want to do something about it. Once the journey begins in their awakening and opening up, they go through different states of experiencing the change within themselves and the changes around them. So we can tell you, waking up is not an easy task. Many have done that before and so did we. Our understanding of the non-physical world, the energy patterns and its inhabitants changed dramatically. We are not talking about new paradigms or belief systems, we are talking about knowing through experiencing.

If you are one of those persons that needs assistance in your awakening and understanding more about yourself and what is going on, we can help and assist you in that process. With our work on different levels, we have the skills to address your needs.

We are working with the love and the light from the ONE Infinite Creator (Source) of ALL that is and we have many helpers, guides and energetics that assist us in this work. So, check this and our linked websites out, see what we have to offer and what we are writing about, our projects and Blog’s. We are glad to be of service.



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