Contacting deceased loved ones

Many times when a spirit leaves the physical body they become trapped in different realms or what you would call planes. They may still be earthbound because of a tragic death, addiction, suicide or unresolved business. The person that has passed might still have confined emotions of guilt, anger, resentment or sadness. They can not move on until the work is done here on this physical world. We as humans can also keep them entrapped on this plane because we are not allowing to let go of the person that has passed on. Through surrogate hypnosis sessions, Andreas and I can connect with the wandering spirit to help resolve unfinished business. This takes a lot of energy for both Andreas and I as there can be a lot work that is involved in this process.

Please keep in mind, if spirit is not ready or even on a far distant realm it can be extremely challenging to contact them. It also takes a lot of energy for them to come through. If you are experiencing emotional pain due to a loved one passing on, please get in contact with us. It is extremely important for you as well as for your loved one. Through trust, remote viewing, channeling the presence of love and guidance, we will do the best we can to get the information you may need. Chances are, if there is unfinished business the loved one will come forward especially if they need closure.

Contacting missing persons

If you are looking for a missing loved one, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Working through remote viewing, we might be able to connect to the missing person that is still alive or could possibly be deceased. Whatever information is presented during the session, we cannot guarantee if the missing person is still alive or not. We only can provide clues and information to possibly find the physical body, either still alive or deceased. These clues and signs that may include feelings, words, images and thoughts, can help us guide in finding the person that is missing. As we channel and work through the session, we cannot promise the accuracy of the information. That is the nature of remote viewing in a hypnotic state!

Case closure of a missing person

If our remote viewing session helps to find the person, there are two possible outcomes with different follow ups.

  1. The missing person has been found alive. The case will be closed or we can help to provide information about 3rd party involvement of this missing person case (Abduction)
  2. The missing person has been found deceased. The case will be closed or we can help provide information about 3rd party involvement (Abduction) by contacting the deceased missing persons spirit. In most cases the spirit and the family needs closure in order to move on as well.


Commonly Asked questions:

I miss my father since his death and am extremely depressed. I am having a really hard time in my life. Can you help me?

Absolutely. There can be many reasons why you may feel the way you do. It is a common thing to go through. We will work together in finding the best solution to getting your life back to feeling normal again.

My daughter has been missing for a certain amount of time now and we need some closure. Can you help us find her?

Through our Surrogate sessions we will do everything possible to contact your loved ones. There can be clues through remote viewing as we go through these sessions. It is in our best interest to bring any closure or findings to these stories as it can be very stressful for the family members.

Our loved one is missing and we are working with the authorities. Can you help us?

We will do our best to help and find your loved one, however we would need to work with the police to help with the investigation together as a team. This will help, so that the information is put safely in place, especially if there are certain locations that need to be looked at.

If you contact my loved one, are we able to speak with them?

If a loved one is contacted, we have found you can actually have a loving conversation with them as if they are there speaking with you. It is very comforting for you as well as for the loved one when there is this profound connection between the two of you.

Can you contact my animal through these sessions?

Yes, if they are willing to come forward, they will be there to show themselves through feelings, memories and pictures.

Is the spirit able to see things we can not see as humans?

Sometimes spirit will give signs or words to relay to someone close to them. You might not understand it at first, but many times it could be someone within the family that would understand what the information means.

When can I schedule a session or talk?

We will be happy to assist you and find the appropriate date for a session.

I am interested in a Lifeline session. Please read and fill out our disclaimer.


Contact us first by email for a Lifeline session here.

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