(William J. Baldwin D.D.S Ph.D)

The concept of divided or multilevel consciousness has been studied extensively in recent years. Ego states, subordinate personalities or “sub-personalities” are active in the daily functioning of a healthy individual. However, an emotional trauma can cause “parts” or “fragments” to split from a normal personality. These partial personalities. or sub-personalities, retain the person’s age and characteristics at the time of the split. They strive to fulfill the unfulfilled need that led to the split, and continue to maintain the emotional mood of the traumatic event. These sub-personalities are literally stuck or frozen in the incident.

Sub-personalities do not become the personality in charge nor do they take control of the behavior. Rather, they manifest as subconscious urges, and can cause variations in mood, physical energy, sociability, likes and dislikes in food and drink, unusual eating habits, and many other aspects of physical and emotional conditions and behavior.

In cases of extreme physical, emotional or sexual abuse during childhood years, the dissociation can become complete, resulting in two or more separate and distinct personalities. The alter personalities “switch” as each recurrently comes out and takes full control of the person’s behavior. This condition is termed Multiple Personality Disorder, or MPD.

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