Spirit releasement has become increasingly important together with the growth in past-life therapy. Many pastlife therapists said their clients have attachments relating to past lives. Edith Fiore, a past-life therapist, began recognizing and releasing, or “depossessing” attached entities in the 1970’s. Dr. William Baldwin began studying releasement in 1980 and developed techniques, now used by many practitioners. Baldwin left his practice of dentistry in 1982 to work full time with his wife, Judith Baldwin, in spirit releasement, past-life related problems and extraterrestrial contact. The Baldwins founded the Center for Human Relations and are codirectors of the Association for Spirit Releasement Therapies. 

In contemporary spirit releasement, a practitioner, working with one or more spirit guides who act as facilitators, makes mental contact with a spirit who is haunting a site and causing a disturbance or who is attached to a person. Often, this is an earthbound soul who does not know he or she is dead, or is bound to the earth plane by unfinished business. Beside earthbound spirits, dark force entities, ET’s and self created thought forms are often found to be the influence as well.

In SRT, often simply finding out the spirit’s “story,” that is, its life and death and perhaps unfinished business, is often sufficient to send the spirit on its way to the next level. The spirit is engaged in dialogue and persuaded to depart. The transition is marked by the appearance of white light, and the spirit is urged to move toward the light. Sometimes the earthbound spirit has to be assisted or convinced to move on. Sometimes it is led away by helping spirits that appear. These helping spirits include guides, angelic beings, or other spirits of the dead whom the earthbound once knew in life, or the spirits of animals with whom the earthbound had strong emotional attachments, such as a pet.

The releasement process for the different categories like the dark forces, ET’s and others, have all their respective protocols. In order to know how and what to do, the practitioner needs to know to do a differential diagnosis. The presence of an ET has often a complete different background of why it is with the affected person.

The practitioner must as well be aware that not all so called possessions and attachments are indeed of such. It is of high importance to distinct between MPD and SPS (Multiple Personality Disorder and Spirit Possession Syndrom) and to send the afflicted to a health professional. As a side note, unfortunately most health professionals are not able to discern between a real MPD and SPS as they were not taught or do not believe in such a concept, even if our history proofs otherwise.

Following releasement, clients often report feeling lighter and better and say they experience a cessation of troublesome conditions. The departing spirits do not return, but clients are advised on how to protect themselves from future invasions by other spirits. Spirit releasement can be carried out on a long-distance basis as well.

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