What is a Surrogate Hypnosis Session and why you might need one!

Usually hypnosis session are done one to one. The practitioner and client are in a private environment. In certain circumstances a potential client is not able to have a one to one Hypnosis session done and needs a surrogate to access the mind of the client. A third person, the surrogate is an individual that can go easily into deep trance and connects and accesses the client’s mind to help.

Why is somebody not able to have a session done on themselves. Here a few examples.

  • Client is not able to speak and talk anymore
  • Client is not able to hear anymore
  • Client is in a coma
  • Underage children
  • Client is not able to be physical present (hospital, jail, different country etc.)
  • Client is not able to go or stay in trance because of physical ailments or sickness.

But every case is first discussed to verify if a Surrogate session is appropriate and can be performed. It is important to have the consent of the client as we respect the boundaries and privacy of the client. In certain circumstances the consent of the client may not be possible but the requirements for a session are agreed on. This could be either a parental or legal guardian consent. After all, we keep the right to refuse to have a Surrogate session if the requirements are not fulfilled and we consider the session unsafe or not appropriate!

As a surrogate it demands a lot of energy and time as Heidi prepares herself for the session. She will first meditate about the person involved with only the picture that is sent to her. No other information in any way should be affecting her connection with the client. That is why you should not contact Heidi beforehand. You would need to contact Andreas first to organize a session. It is important to not talk about anything with Heidi as even contacting her beforehand, can affect the session. Before the day of the session Heidi will focus many hours on you or however is needing a session done. That means she can perceive all the feelings, emotions, physical discomfort or pain of the person involved. Please also know anything can come forward in these sessions. Past lives, deceased loved ones, or even attachments. Heidi takes on all the work that usually a client would have in their own personal session. Andreas as the facilitator will guide and assist Heidi during this sojourn. All together, there is a lot of energy and time involved of two people assisting a client that needs a Surrogate session. This is not to be underestimated. So, in asking for such a session you need to be aware of this tremendous work and what it means for the two of us to facilitate a Surrogate session for you.

What is included in a Surrogate session?

  • Communication over email with Andreas
  • Heidi meditates prior to the session
  • The actual session is performed by Heidi and Andreas with video & audio recorded.
  • Normally we perform the session with the client being present, however there are certain circumstances where the client can not or should not be in the session. We keep the right to decide what is best for you or whoever would need the session. This can be done over Skype or in some cases needs to be live. We would discuss location if it is needed.
  • Andreas finalizes the recording and sends it to you (client)
  • The overall time involved for the whole process is about 6 to 7 hours for us.
  • The pricing for the whole process is USD 700.- as listed here.

If you need more time to receive assistance and talk to Heidi or you plan to have further Life Coaching sessions with her, we offer the regular pricing for the Skype session as listed here.


The information revealed in such a Surrogate session is very sensitive. Heidi will feel, see, hear and perceive throughout the session. We do not know who will appear or if we make contact with either loved ones, guides, angels, earthbound spirits or dark forces. It could be a current life or past life. There are no guarantees on what is coming through.  It is up to the unseen world, your guides and Higher Self on what needs to be revealed. All we do is provide you with information and act as the messenger. We can help with clearing memories, emotional, mental and physical discomfort including pain, and removing unwanted attachments and influences. We do not and can not take any responsibility for your own life’s actions. Our purpose is to show you the path, but you  have to walk it for yourself.

If you understand and agree on the above provided information, you are invited to contact us to discuss a Surrogate session and the appropriate time.

We will be happy to assist you and find the appropriate date for a session.

I am interested in a Surrogate session. Please read and fill out our disclaimer.


Contact us first by email for a Surrogate session here.

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